Lit: “a beetroot”. The metaphorical meaning has nothing to do with the vegetable. It is used to denote coarse, rude, vulgar, primitive, aggressive males and is straightforward derogatory.

If you call a person a “burak” he will definitely take offence and, if the term matches his personality/behaviour”, immediately start a fight. If you describe someone as such in a conversation with some other people, it will be clear to them you don’t like him. It is often used by drivers to describe bravado, risky manoeuvres or simply a “pirat drogowy” breaking all laws.

Many people have a very specific type of person in mind when using the expression: a bald, short-fused guy in a tracksuit, driving an old BMW to a disco and separating his sentences with “kurwa” instead of commas. This is why initial contacts with Poles might be difficult/funny for Turkish people named Burak.


Sklep dobrze zaopatrzony , przesympatyczna obsługa – tylko kierownik badź właściciel straszny burak. Byłam świadkiem jak panią na mięsnym dziale zbeształ używajac niewybrednych słów, wcale nie przejmując sie moją obecnością jako klientki.

Co za burak! Agresywny kierowca mercedesa atakuje skuterzystów [FILM]

– Jak zrobić sałatkę z buraków?
– Wrzucić granat do BMW.

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