Nawijać makaron na uszy


Lit. “to roll/twirl pasta around one’s ears” which is used to describe someone trying to convince another person in a very persistent and eloquent way, by using all the power of their rhetoric and logic. This is quite often used to describe activities of successful salespeople but also when a husband/wife try to convince their spouse to buy a new house/car/tv set or have a baby. It is sometimes used to stress that a splendid oration is devoted to a subject that actually is not that important at all and that it is a waste of time and the speaker’s skills.

I don’t know where exactly does the expression come from but the verb “nawijać” itself has been used as a colloquialism signifying a banter. It normally does not have much to do with past (but you can use it to describe twirling spaghetti with a fork). So maybe some bright mind put these ends together to create this new metaphor.

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