Chuj, dupa i kamieni kupa


Lit. “ass, cock and a pile of rocks”. Which denotes a thing in a state of utter failure and destruction or FUBAR. Poles usually use this to voice disbelief on a specific matter as a business venture, broken marriage or… their own state.

The last example made this somewhat obscure phrase a hit in 2014 when many recordings of  private conversations between top-tier politicians representing the then-ruling Platforma Obywatelska party surfaced and led to their collapse in parliamentary elections. In one of these (probably a bit drunken) conversations Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz, then interior minister, used the phrase to declare that one of his own government’s economical programs simply does not exist. See below.

Sometimes gets abbreviated to ChDiKK.

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Choroba filipińska


Lit. “Filipino disease”. It is a playful way to say that somebody is currently drunk or even, an alcoholic. This expression was brought to life in 2007 following a speech by former Polish President Aleksander Kwaśniewski on an election rally. The politician made some comical remarks and his speech was not fully coherent.

Taking into account a couple other occasions on which Kwaśniewski had had similar problems, some journalists hinted that he was simply drunk. He himself rejected the accusations on a press conference and admitted taking a medication against a mysterious disease contracted during a visit to the Philippines, which he said causes the dizziness as a side-effect. Most of the public did not believe him and journalists have coined the expression and used it whenever a politician looks tipsy.

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