Jak Reksio szynkę


Lit. “as Reksio (would) ham” which usually is preceded by a verb signifying biting or eating.  Together they form expression meaning you would definitely fancy eating something. Well, at least literally as the only context Poles use it in is being physically attracted to another person and willing to engage in sexual acts with her/him. This willingness is usually purely hypothetical as the phrase is mostly thrown by one chum to another when seeing a pretty girl on television. It probably is not that popular amongst women but can be used by either gender.

And who’s Reksio? First of all, it is historically, next to Azor, the most popular dog name. This expression no doubt relates to a friendly little doggy from a cartoon that most of children in Poland watched in the 70s and 80s. Reksio helped little birds, cats and even a lion but I don’t recall an episode with him eating ham. Anyway, today he is mostly brought up in the context of hornyness which can be clearly seen in search results for the phrase.  It brings up a vision of the interlocutor biting and devouring his/her sex object which can be pretty funny.


Przystojny aktor pokazał swoje gorące zdjęcie z wakacji i… rozpalił wyobraźnię internautów. “Szarpałabym jak Reksio szynkę” – zachwycają się fani. Jak wygląda w samych kąpielówkach boski Ciachorowski?

E: Szarpałbym jak Reksio szynkę. A: Hahahah stary, no raczej że tak! Znacznie się ożywili i z pożądliwym uśmiechem patrzyli na dziewczynę tak, jakby cały otaczający ich świat stracił znaczenie.

– Clara Felicia Lindblom on Instagram: “Running errands ️🖤”
– Nr1 spódnica do zadzierania, szarpałbym cię jak Reksio szynkę, brał jak rdza Poloneza.

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