Kurwa kurwie łba nie urwie


Lit. “a whore won’t rip another whore’s head off”. This is a funny rework of a much more standard “kruk krukowi oka nie wykole” which means “a crow won’t poke another crow’s eye out”. Both expressions mean the same: the two people/organisations you are talking about are, even if not allies, the same type of thugs and they won’t intentionally hurt each other’s interests.

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Nie bierze jeńców


Lit. “he/she does not take prisoners”, which is used to describe adamant, confident, pugnacious people. It is either a token of esteem or a warning, might even be both at the same time. The source is obviously the reprehensible practice of killing all defeated enemies during a war instead of taking them prisoners.

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Chłop jak dąb


Lit. “a man like an oak”. This expression is used to point that a guy is tall, strong, able bodied. Oaks are traditionally revered as the strongest trees and you can still find some impressive old specimens in Polish woods. Interestingly enough, some of them are given human names, for instance a certain Bartek that for many people is a symbol of Polish statehood.

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