Pójść w ślinę


Lit. “to go (move into) saliva”. This is a very colloquial and somewhat vulgar way of describing a passionate kiss during which two individuals explore each other’s oral cavities and exchange some body fluid in the process. The act quite often precedes an even more serious sexual activity and by using this expression you provoke a question about what happened next.

This seems to be a quite fresh addition to Polish vocabulary and I had not been aware of its existence until a colleague used it commenting on another married chap’s improper behaviour in a bar.

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Między wódkę a zakąskę


Lit. “between the vodka and the… chaser(?)” preceded by a verb describing movement. The problem here is that the word “zakąska” in this context, or colloquially “zagrycha”, is not really a chaser as it is a bite of food you follow a shot of pure vodka with to kill its taste or/and reduce the risk of your stomach refusing to take it. It is usually a pickled cucumber, mushroom or a marinated herring but never a liquid which has another name in Polish: “przepitka”. You could simply call zakąska “a snack” but then you lose the connection to the alcoholic beverage.

Anyway, the clou of the expression is that you cut in between two inseparable parts or interrupt when one or more people are talking or disrupt another activity which is not really of your business. It is used as a means of rebuking or condemning an action and pointing a finger at the culprit.

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