Pytasz dzika, czy sra w lesie?


Lit. “are you asking a boar if it shits in the woods”? Which sounds ridiculous but, at the same time, quite funny. It is used to agree to a proposal and stress your full commitment and that the choice is obvious. The verb “shits” makes the expression coarse and not suitable for any official conversation. But it is perfect for accepting a proposal from a buddy to have a few beers on a Friday evening.

You may wonder why some of the examples below include the question mark while some don’t. Well, it’s because syntax in Polish does not define if a sentence is a question or a statement. It’s the intonation or the magical word “czy” (“if”), which in this case is only an element of the subordinate sentence. So, “pytasz dzika, czy sra w lesie” will be a question with the question mark and a statement without it.


– To co szwagier, po maluchu?
Pytasz dzika, czy sra w lesie?

Pytasz dzika, czy sra w lesie – Psycho zapytany o piwerko.

Całkiem niedawno znajoma zadała mi pytanie jak się motywuje do biegania? Zanim mój mózg rozkodował szyfr Enigmy… strzeliłem minę jak Janek na promocję w Świecie Alkoholi. To tak jakby ktoś zapytał dzika czy sra w lesie.

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