Lit. “ass-cover”. This noun is a recent addition to Polish language and means an action or an object that covers your ass in case of an emergency. It is widely used in the offices of Warsaw’s Służewiec (a.k.a. “Mordor”) business district and usually refers to an Email that you send to another party to say what may (and probably will) go wrong if they don’t remediate a risk or to confirm in writing what you have agreed upon in a previous meeting/call. This neologism consists of two words: “dupa” (ass) and “-chron” (protector), the latter being as well used in the word “piorunochron” (lightning rod) while the “piorun” means “lightning”.

The word may also refer to legal disclaimers that we know all to well from various Terms and Conditions, contracts and medication pamphlets.


To niech ci jeszcze wszystko mailem potwierdzą, żebyś w razie czego miał dupochron.

No to jak dupochron już jest, to można się zabrać do uczciwej pracy.

Pan będzie sam podejmował decyzję, nasze zdanie jest tu zbędne. Chce pan mieć jednak dupochron. Jeśli Alfa nie powstanie, to zwali pan winę na radnych. Niech pan przestanie chronić własny tyłek!


dupokrytka, alibi, a nie mówiłem/am

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