Pójść w tango


Lit. “to go onto/start a tango”, which in most cases describes a multiday drinking binge in different bars, dance clubs or house parties. What might be included as well is consumption of illegal drugs and one night stands with random people met in those places. To go on a bender.

When you say that someone “poszedł/poszła w tango”, his or her colleagues should not expect their presence at work. If the person in question is an alcoholic then the binge usually has very negative consequences for their health and social life as well.

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Ściągać majtki przez głowę


Lit: “to take off/pull one’s panties through the head”. This describes a state of extreme hornyness in which an individual is ready to engage in sexual activities right away, usually in reaction to seeing a very attractive male or female. It is mainly used aimed at women, but nothing in the expression’s meaning excludes aiming it at men. A subset of its meaning stresses a naivety/goofiness of the target, so it’s very often used describing teenage persons, fans of a popular music band of simply, young girls having a crush on a school football star.

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Pójść w ślinę


Lit. “to go (move into) saliva”. This is a very colloquial and somewhat vulgar way of describing a passionate kiss during which two individuals explore each other’s oral cavities and exchange some body fluid in the process. The act quite often precedes an even more serious sexual activity and by using this expression you provoke a question about what happened next.

This seems to be a quite fresh addition to Polish vocabulary and I had not been aware of its existence until a colleague used it commenting on another married chap’s improper behaviour in a bar.

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